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Blackdown Hills saved from the bulldozers

In December 2004, a beautiful and tranquil area of countryside was saved when the Government rejected plans to dual the A303 through the Blackdown Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The area had been under threat from road building for years...

This breakthrough came from tireless work on all fronts, influencing decisions via the media and by lobbying Government, at local, regional and national levels.

A major transport study was commissioned by the Government, and its report was considered by a transport panel of the South West Regional Assembly. CPRE worked to influence that study, highlighting the unacceptable damage that would be caused to the Blackdown Hills - with good result: the panel rejected that option.

Unfortunately, the full assembly ignored the panel's report and called on Ministers to approve the scheme. CPRE, at the national level, saw this as a test case. We commissioned a report that demolished the case for dualling and worked with others to raise media interest in the campaign.

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