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No Green Belt around Norwich

Learning from failure: local authorities unsuccessful in creating new Green Belt

To date local authorities around Norwich have been unsuccessful in creating a new Green Belt around Norwich, despite the firm support of the County Council in the November 1989 review of the Norfolk Structure Plan...

However, until the end of 2007 there were local protection policies in place as a result of the pressure for a new Green Belt. These applied in a number of geographical locations around Norwich, with the same controls over 'inappropriate' development as set out in PPG2. The Government set out a number of criteria in relation to the proposal for a Green Belt around Norwich. These highlight the main issues that campaigners for new Green Belts are likely to face:

  • the scale of changed circumstances since the last review of the Structure Plan, which might justify Green Belt policy being introduced at this time;
  • whether the adverse effects of current development and other trends are those which the Green Belt instrument is designed to counter;
  • whether other policies would be appropriate, especially given the importance attached to improved policies in development plans since 1991; and
  • whether Green Belt would be too inflexible, compromsing other objectives, such as those of allocating a ready supply of industrial and other development land

(taken from Department of the Environment, The Effectiveness of Green Belts, HMSO 1993, p.88).

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