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Local designations saved

When the draft Surrey structure plan was being reviewed, the panel of inspectors reviewing the plan recommended the designation of 'areas of great landscape value' (AGLV) be abolished...


This local designation, like local designations in other countries, protects important land that does not have a national designation like national park. Following a co-ordinated national and local campaign by CPRE, Surrey County Council rejected the panel report recommendation.

AGLVs in Surrey date back to before 1958. The Surrey Hills Management Plan, published this year, recognises the importance of the AGLV land in protecting the integrity of the Surrey Hills landscape, particularly with respect to views to and from the area. In addition, the AGLV designation in Surrey affords protection to nationally important countryside not only within but also outside the Green Belt, around for example Chiddingfold in Waverly district, where ancient woodland habitats are of vital significance for endangered flora and fauna.

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