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Improving the design of the built environment

How CPRE Kent used landscape character assessment to improve the design of the built environment...

In 2000, CPRE Kent encouraged Ashford Borough Council to use a method called Enquiry by Design to examine a draft development brief for an area south of Ashford.

Enquiry by Design is an approach to developing sustainable town extensions and the principles and methods involved are the same as those of landscape character assessment. Effort was made to look not only at the design of the site, but its relationship to the wider landscape. This work was used in revising draft development plans.

The changes made included keeping an area of grassland within the floodplain free from development and re-routing a proposed access road to follow an existing lane, rather than cut across agricultural land. The redrafted proposal has received approval from the local planning committee, while the methods are being applied to two other sites identified for development.

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