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Risk to rolling farmland reduced

CPRE Peak District & South Yorkshire helped to protect local greenfield by successfully arguing at a public inquiry that 300 new houses near Kiveton Park Station, Rotherham should not be permitted. The development was proposed for a former steelworks site allocated for employment and was therefore a departure from the unitary development plan...

The site is in a generally rural area and at least half of it consists of open fields which have never been developed. The inspector and the secretary of state agreed with the CPRE branch that much of the site is greenfield, despite the applicant's claim that it is entirely brownfield.

The branch argued that the development would spoil nearby rolling farmland in the Green Belt and the inspector agreed. The inspector also agreed that there is plenty of brownfield land available for housing in urban parts of the borough and that the fairly remote location of the site would have encouraged more travel by car, contrary to the Government's intention to integrate development and transport.

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