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Starry skies given help

When the first draft of Cambridge City Council's revised local plan was published in the summer of 2003, our local CPRE group noted there was no mention of light pollution. We objected to the omission of a light pollution policy because Cambridgeshire has no truly dark skies left. Light pollution in the county has increased at one of the highest rates in the country, at around 30% between 1993 and 2000...

In May 2004, the council responded by saying that it will include a new section in the updated local plan called 'Conserving Cambridge', which will include additional policy on lighting, and that they will also ensure that light pollution is properly categorised so that it will be clear what constitutes a violation in the future. The second draft plan is due to be published in mid-September 2004, when we shall check that these amendments have been made. We are pleased to say Cambridge City's example has been followed by South Cambridge District Council.

- Shirley Fieldhouse, secretary, CPRE Cambridgeshire

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