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Making sure mast installation respects the local landscape

The Friends of the Lake District (which represents CPRE in Cumbria) has been working with the public services and O2 to ensure that the Airwave Project, a new mobile phone network to support the emergency services, has minimal impact on the Cumbrian landscape...

The project has needed a number of new mobile phone base stations to be built. Early rumours of over 50 new masts on the open fells of the Lake District raised concerns as to the visual impacts of the scheme in Cumbria.

After contact through the Cumbria police service, a meeting was set up between the Friends of the Lake District, the telecoms company and some of the public service users of the Airwaves system. This meeting explored the nature of the system and potential methods of delivery - including masts, existing sites and the erection of small, stone buildings as aerial sites.

Friends of the Lake Distrcit is now commenting on the list of potential sites, marking those for which they have concerns, supporting those sites they feel have minimal impact on the landscape and, in a few cases, applying their local knowledge to suggest potential alternative sites.

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