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Green fields protected

It has been hailed as the end of greenfield development in Crewe and Nantwich by local councillors. The approved borough local plan for development up to 2011 has been able to find sites for 7,600 houses while protecting the countryside...

The plan puts no housing allocations on greenfield sites although some small greenfield sites were approved for housing during the long process of local plan finalisation. The final version is a great improvement on the draft, published in 2001, which imagined 65% of new housing would have to go on greenfield land.

Over the years, CPRE Cheshire has built up a good relationship with the borough. They took the opportunity during the drafting of the local plan to meet with planning officers and put forward their concerns. The branch commented on every draft of the plan and spoke at the local enquiry as did many residents groups and the county council.

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