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Dibden Bay saved

CPRE Hampshire helped to stop a container port from being built along nearly two kilometres of unspoilt coastline...

A proposed container terminal at Dibden Bay, on the edge of the New Forest, would have destroyed wildlife areas of national and international importance and prevented the area's inclusion in the New Forest National Park. Dibden Bay lies within the Southampton Water Special Protection Area and is a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

CPRE Hampshire's campaign against the super-port included giving evidence at a public inquiry. Branch Chairman Christopher Napier credits the branch's expertise and focus for its success.

'I think the success we had with the public inspector [at the inquiry] was due in the main to restricting our evidence to those topics where our witnesses had something positive to contribute, either because of specific expertise available amongst our witnesses, or because it was a topic where CPRE would be taken to have authority, such as with landscape and national parks.

'But even in the latter topics we did not pursue points which were clearly questionable. For instance, it was clear that the proposed container port would have minimal landscape impact on the New Forest core, but a massive impact on the outlook from Southampton, so we concentrated on the visual impact on Southampton.'

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