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Countryside character protected through regional planning

CPRE West Midlands has been successful at positively influencing regional planning guidance so that it does a better job of protecting countryside character and promoting urban regeneration...

Thanks to the regional group's work throughout the four-year process, the guidance which will determine the development of the West Midlands until 2021 contains strengthened policies on light pollution, places a greater emphasis on historic landscapes and countryside character, highlights the link between transport and greenhouse gases, requires that development in the neighbouring Milton Keynes take account of its impact on the West Midlands and includes a policy on the A49 corridor which puts greater emphasis on protecting the countryside.

Perhaps most importantly, the guidance contains some particularly positive moves on housing development, setting a target for 76% of new housing to be built on previously developed, or 'brownfield', land, up from 65%, which will help to promote urban regeneration and stem the flow of out-migration to the countryside in the region.

- Gerald Kells, regional policy officer, CPRE West Midlands

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