What you can do

When dealing with a very controversial application, you should

  1. Respond to the consultation by your local authority, as with any planning application.
  2. If the local authority looks minded to grant permission, negotiate with the developer or the local authority. This can be the most effective way of getting the most damaging aspects of a proposal changed.You should be ready to take this course of action at any stage of the process.
  3. Check if the criteria by which the Government decides to call in planning applications apply to this proposal.

Requesting a call-in is the last option

You should always take those three steps before looking to get an application called in. If the local authority wishes to refuse the application, there is less need to involve the Secretary of State and the issues can be discussed if the applicant appeals against the refusal.

Repeatedly writing in and requesting call-ins for every unfavourable application could lead to your letters being ignored after a while. If, however, you have taken steps 1 to 3 then you should request a call-in, even if you think the application will be refused.

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