How to request a call-in or recovery

If you have taken all the steps relating to controversial planning applications and the local authority is still clearly intending to grant permission you should:

  • Contact your county council (if there is one in your area) to seek its support; the district planning authority has a statutory duty to take into account the views of the county planning authority
  • Contact the Planning Casework Unit by telephone and in writing as soon as possible to alert them to your concern
  • Write to any statutory agencies or parish councils with a possible interest in the proposed development and/or site affected to enlist their support
  • Contact your local MP to ask for his or her support
  • Write to the Secretary of State for planning at the Department for Communities and Local Government, requesting a call-in and copy your letter to the Planning Casework Unit
  • Organise a campaign to gather support.

Planning Casework Unit

The Planning Casework Unit (PCU) is responsible for central Government planning casework. It is via the PCU that you can request that the Secretary of State calls in a planning application. The contact details for the PCU are:

5 St Philips Place
Colmore Row
B3 2PW

Tel: 0303 444 8050
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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