Using it in campaigns

By undertaking a Strategic Environmental Assessment, those making decisions on certain plans and programmes should be able to consider properly the environmental implications of proceeding with them.

The assessment should consider both positive and negative consequences of what is proposed, as well as the impact of adopting alternative approaches.

Campaign tips

  • Make sure significant plans and programmes in your area will benefit from a strategic environmental assessment and challenge unjustified decisions to exempt them from an assessment.
  • Contribute to the process yourself by suggesting alternative options or environmental impacts which should be investigated by those conducting it.
  • Review the quality of the report that is finally produced - check that it presents the relevant information objectively and thoroughly.
  • Use the information in the SEA report to support your campaign (for example in the media).
  • Urge those who will make the decision on whether to adopt the plan or programme to consider properly the implications of the assessment and to make changes to the plan or programme as it advises.
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