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Step 3: Develop a vision and objectives

Clarify what your Neighbourhood Plan is aiming to achieve.

There is no requirement to develop a vision or objectives, but you may find it useful to have one or the other, or both, to help guide the preparation of your Neighbourhood Plan. A vision and objectives can help to make it clear what your Neighbourhood Plan is aiming to achieve.


A good vision does not have to be very long but will:

  • Be long term, for example looking forward 15-20 years, or the period that is covered by the Local Plan.
  • Be strategic, setting out a broad picture of your aspirations for your neighbourhood but will not include lots of details.
  • Describe what you want your neighbourhood to look like, so people can form an image of the homes, businesses, shops, community facilities and open space it will contain.
  • Consider what land use and development challenges will need to be addressed over the period covered by your Neighbourhood Plan.


Objectives are more specific and set out what the Neighbourhood Plan aims to achieve. If you have a vision, look at each part of the vision and decide what needs to be done to achieve it.

Examples of objectives

  1. To develop a vibrant and prosperous neighbourhood by encouraging development that supports a range of good quality jobs, businesses, shops and services that meet the needs of local people and protects and enhances the quality of the local environment.
  2. To provide new and diverse leisure and recreational activities in order to promote healthy and crime-free lifestyles, particularly for youngsters.

You may find it useful to consult your local community on the draft vision and objectives in order to find out if everybody agrees with them, whether there is anything crucial missing, or whether they can be improved in any way.

If you are undertaking a Sustainability Appraisal, Government guidance suggests that it should be underpinned by a series of sustainability objectives and criteria, sometimes referred as the 'sustainability framework'.

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