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These plans are created by your parish council, town council, or neighbourhood forum. They contain more detailed priorities for development in your community, such as the provision of low-cost housing or the preservation of green space.

While Local Plans lay out a vision of future development for a whole area, the needs of individual towns and villages within that area can vary. Neighbourhood Plans are optional documents that detail further development priorities for individual communities. They are community-led and can be written by town or parish councils, or where there is no town or parish council by a specially-created neighbourhood forum.

Taking part in the writing of a Neighbourhood Plan helps you have a say in the future use of land and buildings in your neighbourhood.

Creating a strategy for development in your local community...

Find out what Neighbourhood Plans can and cannot contain.

If you feel the needs of your community are not reflected in the Local Plan, creating a Neighbourhood Plan may help.

In March 2016 CPRE branches working with Rural Community Councils in 10 areas across rural England held roadshows for a project run by the Department for Communities and Local Government programme to promote neighbourhood planning activity.

Build a team; engage your community; prepare and plan.

What changes would improve your community way of life?

Clarify what your Neighbourhood Plan is aiming to achieve.

What different types of development or ways of using land would benefit your community?

Deciding on the detail and bringing your plan together.

Consulting the public and responding appropriately.

An independent examiner will evaluate your plan to ensure it meets all statutory obligations.

Your finished plan myst be accepted by a majority of votes in your area before it can be adopted.

When setting out the vision and objectives for your Neighbourhood Plan, you need to take into account its social, environmental and economic effects on your area. The tool you use to do this is called a Sustainability Appraisal.

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