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Sample letter or email supporting a spatial strategy

Note: You will need to provide your contact details in addition to your comments. You may be able to complete an online form or questionnaire, or email/post comments direct to the local planning authority's local plans team.

Your comments:

To which part of the West Moorshire Local Plan Consultation does your comment relate?

Chapter: 2
Policy: CP3

I wish to support / I wish to object [delete as appropriate]

Please give reasons for your support or objection

Lower Bridgemore Parish Council supports the proposed spatial strategy set out in Core Policy 3, in particular the definition and role of Local Service Areas. We support the flexibility of this policy approach, in particular the provision for development, which is outside but well related to settlement boundaries, that supports wider community aims.

Topic Paper 2 'Settlement Strategy' provides the evidence for this approach, which seeks to safeguard the role of Local Service Centres in providing for a significant rural hinterland, for example by meeting needs for affordable housing, employment opportunities (sites and premises) and community facilities. Our village is among a number identified in the council's Housing Market Strategy which would support small developments of market and affordable homes to meet local needs.

The Core Strategy states that settlement boundaries will be reviewed through later Development Plan Documents/Neighbourhood Plans, and notes that development is expected to take place beyond current settlement boundaries. We look forward to taking part in the process to review settlement strategies and identify appropriate sites for development.

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