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Sample letter or email objecting to a strategic option

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Chapter: 2
Policy: 12

I wish to support / I wish to object [delete as appropriate]

Please give reasons for your support or objection

Policy 12: Proposed urban extension to the east of Uppertown.

I object to the eastern half of the location identified for a proposed urban extension because the Strategic Flood Risk Assessment shows that part of the site is at risk of flooding and because the Sustainability Appraisal says that the meadows are important for wildlife. I would add that it is also an important area for local people to enjoy countryside walks, because it is unspoilt and has lots of footpaths open to the public. There are no other areas like this on this side of Uppertown.

The Sustainability Appraisal shows that an alternative location for an urban extension to the south of Uppertown would not have these sorts of impacts and therefore should be preferred.

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