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Making the most of Landscape Character Assessment

Landscape Character Assessments can help planners and policy makers assess the potential threats to the countryside.

It takes us beyond the boundaries of specially designated areas to appreciate the wider countryside, the countryside that is often valued most by local people.

Generally, landscape character work should be used to influence particular processes or decisions.

Key areas to influence

Land management

Use your findings to make a case to your local authority for the preparation of a Local Landscape Character Assessment.

Feed ideas to your regional Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs office.

Highlight any recommendations for new woodland or better woodland management to the Forestry Commission.

Land use planning

Use your findings to include or improve policies on protecting local landscape character in the Local Plan.

Ensure that any local landscape assessment is adopted as a Supplementary Planning Document or Area Action Plan as part of your Local Plan.

Use your work to get local authority support for preparing Village Design Statements.

Use your evidence at planning meetings, inquiries or other events to challenge inappropriate development.

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