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From appropriately repairing a listed building to the creation of new industrial areas, planning decisions can impact whole communities. Planning decisions are made by local planning authorities, and are shaped by national guidance, European law and local plans and policies

These pages will help you understand how the planning system functions and the important role you and your community can play in shaping the future of your town, city, village or neighbourhood.

Find out how the planning system functions to integrate the different needs of economy, community and environment, to ensure that development and use of land is in the public interest.

Planning decisions are affected by national guidance, European law, and by the development plan for your area, which includes the Local Plan. This section explains these relationships and why Local Plans are a key part of this.

Local Plans set out the long term development strategy of an area. All planning decisions are made in line with your Council's development plan, the most signficant part of which is the Local Plan. This means the best way to influence how your local area changes is by getting involved in the creation of these plans.

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