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Step 5: Decide on your action

Will you support the application, ask for changes or oppose it?


Now it's time to decide what action you're going to take on the planning application.

You could:


Local planning authorities are legally required to keep copies of all planning applications online

  • support the application because it will have benefits for the local area, either now or in the long run;
  • support the application but ask for details of the proposed development to be reconsidered and changed;
  • take no action, since the proposal's overall effect would be neutral or of little relevance to your particular interest;
  • register an objection to the application, but suggest action that could be taken to address your objection, such as amending the proposal or attaching planning conditions or a planning obligation; or
  • request that the application be refused permission because of its adverse effects, which can't be dealt with satisfactorily by using conditions or obligations.

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