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The appeal result

When the inspector has made his or her decision, a letter is sent to the planning applicant, indicating whether their appeal has been

  • Allowed, meaning that the development can go ahead
  • Dismissed, meaning that planning permission is denied.

Copies of this letter are sent to the local authority and all interested parties.

The inspector's letter usually includes findings in all the areas that the inspector considered important.

It is written in such a way as to try to avoid legal challenges, which means it may not read like plain English.

What the decision means

In many cases, the result of appeal is not absolutely conclusive.

For example

  • A development may be approved subject to conditions, which the developer does not accept
  • Even if an appeal is officially dismissed, the local authority and developer may decide to negotiate a compromise that is acceptable to both parties

So when you learn of the inspector's decision, contact your local authority to find out its response to the inspector's decision and to see if anything has happened concerning the development proposed and the site since the appeal.

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