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Ramsar site

A Ramsar site is an area of wetland designated under the international Ramsar convention of 1975. The convention aims to conserve and protect the ecology of wetlands of international importance. Ramsar sites receive special protection in the planning system.

Regional assembly

Were voluntary, multi-party bodies in every English region outside London. The assemblies acted as the regional planning body for their region. Regional Assemblies changed to Leaders' Boards in 2009, and along with all regional planning have now been completely abolished.

Regional Development Agency

Now abolished non-departmental bodies, set up in every English region, under the responsibility of the Department for Trade and Industry. Their primary role was to drive economic development within their respective region. The main policies of the Regional Development Agency are set out in its Regional Economic Strategy. Like all regional planning apparatus, Regional Development Agencies have now been abolished.

Regional spatial strategy

Regional Spatial Strategies (or Regional Strategies) were introduced by the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004, and set out planning policies for each of the English regions outside of London. The Localism Act 2011 introduced powers however that will allow the Secretary of State to abolish Regional Spatial Strategies (and other Regional Strategies). Subject to the outcome of Environmental Assessment, these Strategies will be abolished in the near future. For the time being however Regional Strategies must be taken into account when local planning authorities write their Local Plans, and planning decisions should have regard to them.

Route management strategy

A 10-year strategy which sets out and guides all Highways Agency actions and spending on an identified route in terms of maintenance, operation and improvement. The strategy is updated annually and reviewed every three years.

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