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Development Management Procedure Order

This describes the procedure that local planning authorities have to follow when dealing with planning applications and certificates of lawful use, as well as the procedure they must follow with applications that are a departure from the development plan.

General conformity

Neighbourhood Development Plans and Neighbourhood Development Orders need to be in general conformity with the strategic policies of the relevant Local Plan. This means that neighbourhood policies cannot go against the main policies of the local authority for their area. It is up to the inspector who examines Neighbourhood Development Plans and Orders to check that they are in general conformity with the strategic parts of the Local Plan.

General Permitted Development Order

The GPDO 1995 provides permitted development rights for a specified range of development, meaning that those activities do not require an application for planning permission. However, agricultural buildings and certain telecommunications equipment covered by permitted development rights are also subject to a prior approval procedure.

Government planning policy

National planning policies that local planning authorities should take into account when drawing up development plans and other documents and making decisions on planning applications. These policies are mostly included in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), with some also included in Minerals Planning Policy Statements and Guidance notes.

Green Belt

Green Belt is a defined area of countryside around a town or city which is protected from ‘inappropriate’ forms of development – as defined in government planning policy on Green Belts. There are Green Belts throughout the country, but not in every county. Green Belts aim to stop urban sprawl and the merging of settlements, preserve the character of historic towns and encourage development to take place within existing built-up areas. Quality or appearance of land is not a factor when deciding whether to designate it as a Green Belt.

Greenfield site

Land that has not previously been used for urban development. It is usually land last used for agriculture and located next to or outside existing built-up areas of a settlement.

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