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Economic impact reports

A report on the economic impact of a new road. Road schemes are often promoted on the basis that they will aid the regeneration of an area by attracting new businesses and creating new jobs. An economic impact report should demonstrate whether or not the proposed scheme will create these new jobs and who will benefit and to what extent. The report should also look at any negative economic impacts.


The enforcement of planning control. Local planning authorities should ensure that the terms and conditions of planning decisions are carried out and that development carried out without planning permission is brought under control. However, there is no statutory duty on local planning authorities to enforce controls and the degree to which they do varies according to political committment and the resources they devote to it.

Enforcement notice

A notice requiring cessation (and sometimes reversal) of unauthorised use and/or development begun without permission or in breach of a condition.

Environmental authority

The statutory bodies set up by Government with direct environmental responsibilities. In England, these are the Countryside Agency, English Nature, English Heritage and the Environment Agency.

Environmental impact assessment

This identifies and assesses the likely effects of a development on the environment. It should be done at the earliest possible opportunity and before a decision is made. Under the Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations (1999), an assessment is required to accompany planning applications for developments that fall under schedule 1 of the regulations, or that exceed certain thresholds and are included under schedule 2 of the regulations.

Evidence base

The information gathered by a planning authority to support the preparation of development documents. It includes quantitative (numerical values) and qualitative (feelings and opinions) data

Examination in public

The method of considering public views on a draft Local Plan or proposed changes to it.

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